Gas chromatography 1120


Gas chromatography and accessories:
Carrier Gas System + Sample Introduction System + Separation System + Temperature Control System + DetectorCarrier Gas System: air source/ purification and desiccation device/ flow rate control device
Sample Introduction System: sample injectorSeparation System: chromatographic column(packed column and capillary column)
Temperature Control System (Column Oven): constant temperature and programmed temperature
Detector: FID/ TCD/ FPD/ NPD

★ Control system: designed for monitoring and controlling the instrument via the computer.
★ Column Compartment/oven with superior thermal performance, multistage (10 ramps) programmed temperaturecontrol function. (supported by “control system”)
★ Advanced built-in data acquisition system , supporting real time instrument status monitoring, detection signalacquisition and PC control
★ Column oven accommodates up to 3 chromatographic columns, and supports quick heat-up and rapid cool-down withautomated back-door opening.
★ Flexible sample introduction system: 3 sample injectors could be installed and operated simultaneously withindependent temperature control.
★ High sensibility and stability detector.
★ 2 independent and analog signals output.
★ M6 software, compatible with GLP/FDA-21 CFR Part11 requirements and regulations. (electronic records andsignatures)

Advanced Microcomputer Control System:
★ Superior performance with advanced, microcomputer-based temperature control system
★ High temperature accuracy (optimum ± 0.02℃), high reliability, and anti-interference
★ Self-diagnosis/ self-protection function (overheat protection, power-off protection, etc.)
★ Intuitive display of timing program, detector status, measurement range, current setting, etc.


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